The 5 essential antojitos from Puebla

Mexico has an exquisite cuisine that stands out as one of the best in the world.

Mexico has an exquisite cuisine that stands out as one of the best in the world. As proved on July 23, when the tlayuda from Oaxaca won the Street Food Latin America championship from Netflix, and went viral. Earning the title of best street food from the region. Here in Puebla, we also have lots of dishes that could have participated and even triumph over the other countries.

With that said, here are five antojitos from Puebla that you should definitely try:

1. Chanclas

The chancla is one of the antojitos that are representative of the state. It’s a small bread, shaped like an oval, filled with meat, avocado and onion

Another way to prepare this dish is to serve it with a slice of avocado and a piece of meat, although you can also add quesillo (Oaxaca cheese), chorizo and sour cream.

They are then bathed in a sauce made with guajillo chili.

Chanclas poblanas
Foto: Juan Carlos Sánchez

2. Pelonas

The pelona is a dish made out of bread fried in manteca (pork lard), a must-have when walking through the streets of the city. Inside the bread, you’ll find shredded beef, refried beans, spices, lettuce and sour cream.

Its name – which literally means ‘bald woman’ – comes from the way the bread looks with its filling sticking out.

Foto: La Poblanita Cemitas Nochixtlan

3. Chalupas

A common meal to have during weekend nights are the chalupas. A small fried tortilla that is covered with your choice of salsa and meat. It can be fried with oil or manteca, the sauce can be either green or red, and you can choose between chicken, beef or pork. A bit of onion on top is the final ingredient.

Where they come from is still debated, some say it’s a recipe invented by friars who mixed some chicken with corn masa. After trying it, they added the salsa and chopped onion to make it even better.

Chalupas poblanas
Foto: Rodrigo Peña / Agencia Express Media

4. Molotes

The molote is a kind of quesadilla, but it is fried in overflowing oil or manteca. It can be filled with picadillo (minced meat) or just shredded beef. Any kind of Mexican cheese can also be added. At the end, they are served bathed in sour cream and salsa.

Foto: Agencia Enfoque

5. Memelas

The memela is a corn tortilla, thick and shaped like an oval, that is fried in oil or manteca. Added on top is frijol salsa (bean sauce) and quesillo.

Foto: Agencia Enfoque

Which one would you like to try?