Adolfo Karam Beltrán, former director of Judicial Police of Puebla, was denied the writ of amparo protection against the arrest warrant issued by his potential involvement on the torture crimes committed against Lydia Cacho.

Adolfo Karam
Adolfo Karam. Foto: Agencia Enfoque

According to Article 19, an investigation is conducted to confirm his participation as intellectual author of the torture crimes, which is why the arrest warrant is still in force.

For that reason, they demand that the Attorney General of the Republic comply immediately with the order. So that “the formal official can be prosecuted for the crime of torture against the journalist and human rights defender”.

Recalling that in April 2019, arrest warrants were issued against Karam, Mario Marín and Kamel Nacif. These were dismissed seven months later. After reviewing the case, María Elena Suárez Préstamo, magistrate of the First Unitary Tribunal, reissued the arrest warrants in December 2020.

As of May 2021, the whereabouts of Adolfo Karam remain unknown, while Marín Torres is detained in the Benito Juárez Social Reinsertion Center (Cereso) in Cancun, and Nacif awaits a hearing in Lebanon on June 15.