Formula E is coming to Puebla. The city will have 2 races this upcoming June 19 and 20. Twenty-four single-seaters will meet at the Autódromo Miguel E. Abed circuit, seeking victory for their teams.

Formula E is an international motorsport championship. The cars that compete are fully powered by electric engines. The championship aims to boost the development of electric cars in daily life.

How does an e-Prix work?

An ePrix is a single day event. With two training sessions in the morning, a qualifying session at noon, and the main race in the afternoon.

Drivers get to know the circuit during the training sessions. The first one lasts 45 minutes, while the second lasts 30 min.

The qualifying session comes next. The 24 cars are divided into four groups, based on the driver standing. The six cars of each group will have six minutes to set their best time. The fastest drivers will then compete in the Super Pole, where the winner will be granted three championship points and will start the race in the first position.

Finally the main race lasts 45 minutes plus 1 lap. Each driver should know how to manage the 220 kilowatts of energy in their batteries. Running out of energy could make them lose their place in the circuit.

Who are the best drivers?

After his sweeping victory in Monaco’s ePrix, Antonio Félix da Costa, from Portugal, is the reigning champion. He currently places fourth in the championship. Jean-Éric Vergne, from France, is also a strong competitor. He drove for three seasons in Formula 1 with the Toro Rosso team, from 2011 to 2014. Since then, he has been racing in Formula E and had da Costa’s title two seasons ago.

Leading the scores this season are Robin Frijns, Nyck de Vries and Mitch Evans. With eight races still at play, Puebla’s ePrix are essential to find out who the next champion will be.

Formula E and Formula 1: What’s the difference?

Both auto races have a few things in common. They share the same point scoring system and both use the halo as a safety measure. However, there are still a number of differences.

The most obvious one being their choice of engines. Formula 1 uses a hybrid gasoline engine. Formula E’s engine is fully electric and cannot be charged in between races.

The tires are also different. In Formula E, the tires have one component that works for either dry or wet races. To have a fair competition, Michelin is the only company that supplies the tires for all teams. Meanwhile, within Formula 1, there are three different tire components. One for dry track conditions and two in case of rain.

Speed presents another difference. Formula 1 cars can reach up to 223 miles per hour. Formula E single-seaters reach only up to 174 mph.

Attack Mode and Fan Boost

‘Attack Mode’ was first introduced during the 2018-2019 season. It allows drivers to get an extra 35 kilowatts of power to reach a faster speed.

To unlock ‘Attack Mode’, drivers must go through the activation zone, which will slow them down. Once they have unlocked it, they can enable the extra energy whenever they wish to use it for their advantage. Reaching a higher speed for a short amount of time. They use it at the end of the race or to strategically surpass an opponent.

‘Fanboost’ is another way for drivers to increase power. Fans are encouraged to cast an online vote for their favorite driver, they can vote six days in advance or 15 minutes after the race begins. The driver that receives the most votes is granted with the ‘fanboost’, which enables them to use 5 seconds of extra energy, only after 22 minutes of racing.