After an audit of the state’s art collections, 5,981 pieces of art were found missing in nine museums of Puebla. Including books, paintings, documents, photographs and banknotes.

According to the report issued this Monday by the Ministry of Public Administration (Secretaría de Función Pública), the biggest embezzlements were found in the Fonoteca Vicente T. Mendoza and the José Luis Bello y González Museum. Between these two museums, there are more than 4,600 pieces missing.

The missing pieces

Amanda Gómez Nava, secretary of the Public Administration, informed during a press conference, the museums that reported missing pieces are:

Fonoteca Vicente T. Mendoza (Sound Archive): 2,701 pieces. From a collection of sounds from the period of Mexico’s Independence and Revolution.

José Luis Bello y González Museum: 1,982 pieces. Among them, La Piedad from the XVII century, silver pieces (mainly medallions, chalices and coins), Chinese-Hispanic and European ivory pieces, cut crystal pieces, and two gold pocket watches (one with a ruby and the other with a diamond).

Photo: Agencia Enfoque

San Pedro Art Museum: 402 pieces. Consisting of paintings and photographs.

Casa del Alfeñique Museum: 361 pieces. Comprising documents from the Porfirian era, medals of honor and awards of distinction, as well as pieces of crystal, glass, black clay, talavera and wood.

Museum of the Mexican Revolution, Casa de los Hermanos Serdán: 265 pieces. Including bills of various denominations, issued between 1908 and 1916, as well as photographs and ceramic plaques.

Biblioteca Palafoxiana (Palafoxiana Library): 200 books

Museum of Popular Art Ex Convento de Santa Rosa: 63 pieces. Among them, utensils, such as glasses, jugs and cups.

Museum of the Music of Vienna: 2 pieces. Corresponding to the authorship of Arnold Chunberg dedicated to Napoleon Bonaparte.

Museum of Evolution of Tehuacán: 2 pieces. Including the scientific replica of the 11.1 meter Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton.

Absent from the inventory

The audit also detected pieces that were not within registered inventories. Consisting of 32,473 pieces in 13 museums.

Such pieces, according to the official, are:

  • 13, 507 form the Biblioteca Palafoxiana
  • 6,375 from the Museo Internacional del Barroco (International Baroque Museum)
  • 5,283 from the Fonoteca Vicente T. Mendoza (Sound Archive)
  • 4,438 from the Museum of Evolution
  • 1,126 from the Museum of Evolution of Tehuacán
  • 881 from the Regional Museum of Cholula
  • 339 from the Museum of San Pedro de Arte
  • 191 from the Regional Museum Casa del Alfeñique
  • 1771 from the Museum José Luis Bello y González
  • 141 from the Taller Erasto Cortés Museum
  • 20 from the Automobile Museum
  • 1 from the Galería Tesoros de Catedral Museum

Sergio Vergara, secretary of Culture, said that they will legally proceed for the pieces not located in the museums.

Meanwhile, Governor Miguel Barbosa pointed out that the inventoried pieces will have a chip to monitor their location.