Adán Seth Calixto Guerra, the citizen who obtained the most votes for the municipal presidency of Ahuehuetitla, Puebla, without being a registered candidate, will challenge the decision of the Instituto Electoral del Estado (IEE) –the State Electoral Institute– that did not recognize his triumph.

Elected by Ahuehuetitla, the IEE denies him the majority certificate

In the election of June 6, the citizen obtained the advantage of 370 votes in his favor. Locals wrote his name in the “unregistered candidates” section located at the end of the ballot. Even, 70 more people voted for him, but, the votes did not count in his favor due to spelling mistakes.

In the summary of the vote, Adán Calixto obtained 370 votes. That is 30% of the total vote.

Meanwhile, the IEE declared on June 14 that he would not be given the majority of votes certificate, which validates the triumph. Claiming that, “he does not have a legal figure so that he can fill the position” and “the law does not recognize the triumph of unregistered candidates”. In turn, they recognized Yazmín Castillo Onofre, candidate of the Partido Pacto Social de Integración (PSI), as municipal president. The registered votes in her favor were 344.

A similar case happened in Sonora, where Edgar Palomino Ayón won the election in Cucurupe, without being registered. In this case, however, he was awarded the majority certificate. There will also be a challenge of this decision, but by the Partido Acción Nacional (PAN).

In dispute

The citizen, Adán Calixto, called for protests in the municipality of Ahuehuetitla. In order to demand the majority certificate when the vote count was in his favor. Consequently, the Municipal Council made the request to the General Council of the IEE to transfer the electoral packages to the state capital and finalize the computation. On Monday, June 14, it was determined that the registered candidate with the most votes was Yazmín Castillo.

However, Adán Calizxto challenged the IEE’s decision, since he legitimately won on Election Day. Now, the Electoral Tribunal of the Judiciary of the Federation (TEPJF) is in charge of issuing a resolution to determine who will become the municipal president of Ahuehuetitla.

On the issue, Hervey Rivera, political scientist, stated in an interview for Poblanerías,

The Mexican Constitution itself states that citizens are free to elect their authorities through the vote, although it does not contemplate technical issues – such as unregistered candidacies – and that is what the laws are for”.

In the case of Puebla’s municipality of 2,207 inhabitants, according to the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI) 2020 figures, at least 370 people elected Adán as municipal president.

I was reading that the aggrieved party said that the Constitution empowers and defends him, and he is absolutely right, however, he must litigate in the corresponding instances and it is there where he must or must not ratify his triumph, which for me, he has won it legitimately…the people who voted for him, it’s not an act of luck or fortune”, mentions Hervey Rivera.

The solution now lies on the legal advice the citizen receives, specifically from a lawyer in electoral law, since it’s already a technical issue, according to the political scientist’s explanations.