On June 23, the Secretariat of the Interior (SEGOB) in the state of Puebla issued the first gender identity recognition certificates in accordance with Ley Agnes (Agnes Law).

Among the first six people who received their certificates was Gabriela Chumacero Rodríguez, president of the Grupo Transgénero Puebla (Transgender Group of Puebla).

Accordingly, SEGOB opened a digital portal in their website titled “Acta de nacimiento de inscripción de registro de identidad de género autopercibida” (Birth certificate for registration of self-perceived gender identity registration).

Here, individuals over 18 years of age can begin the process of obtaining a new birth certificate, which has a cost of 460 pesos (23.04 USD).

The milestone comes after 60 working days from Ley Agnes’ approval in the Congress of Puebla on February 25, 2021. Also known as the Recognition of the Self-perceived Gender Identity Law.

Among the first six people who received their certificates was Gabriela Chumacero Rodríguez. Credit: Secretariat of the Interior Puebla.

This law grants individuals the right to have their birth certificates reflect their self-perceived genders, tackling boundaries that transgender people in Mexico have been fighting for decades.

Requirements and Process

To carry out the process of obtaining the gender identity recognition certificates, SEGOB defines a series of requirements. Such as having a Mexican nationality, being at least 18 years of age, to have the original birth record registered in a Puebla Court, an official photo ID, among others.

Likewise, the steps to follow are also outlined. First, the individual must verify that their original birth certificate is found in the system of printing of birth certificates (SIDEA).


In honor of the launching of Ley Agnes in Puebla and the delivery of the first certificates, members of the transgender community and activists have organized a peaceful demonstration. The march, “Primera Marcha TTTrans Puebla 2021 (First Puebla TTTrans 2021 March), will take place this Saturday, June 26, from Paseo Bravo to the Zócalo, finalizing at the La Democracia plaza.