Last Saturday night, Juan Carlos Portillo was arrested by police officers from the municipality of San Miguel Xoxtla. Hours later, after being taken to the police station, he was declared dead.

Juan Carlos, 30, studied Plastic Arts at Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla (BUAP). He presented severe blows on his body, which could be determined as the cause of death.

On Sunday afternoon, a demonstration was held in front of the municipal palace of Xoxtla. The demonstrators demanded the arrest of the police officers and the opening of an investigation to resolve Carlos’ murder.

According to Juan Carlos’ relatives, his body presented blows on his head, which were allegedly inflicted by the police officers who arrested him.

An altar for justice

Former classmates of Carlos called, through the hashtag #JusticiaParaCarlos (Justice For Carlos) in social media, to set up an altar in front of the Faculty of Plastic Arts (ARPA) of BUAP University. Pictures, candles, and flowers were placed in memory of the deceased.

Further, those present were part of a demonstration to ask authorities to carry out the necessary investigations so that the death of Juan Carlos does not go unpunished.

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In less than a week, this is the second death that has happened in police custody. As in Progreso de Obregón, Hidalgo, a doctor who had been involved in a car crash committed suicide.

The doctor’s family claim that it was not a suicide and that the police officers were responsible for her death.