Election Day 2021 starts-off today, Sunday, June 6 in Mexico. In Puebla, 258 positions will be up for election, including deputies, town councils and city councils.

Although, some polling stations in the municipality of Puebla suffered delays, starting 45 minutes later than the established start at 8:00 a.m.

The unpunctuality was mainly due to the installation of polling booths that followed the sanitary regulations of social distancing, as well as the accreditation of party representatives.

Election organization

Some citizens arrived early to avoid large crowds; however, due to delays and disorganization, the lines were still long and did not follow the proper distancing measures. Nevertheless, citizens started forming lines in order to vote.

The National Electoral Institute (INE) established that only two voters per turn were allowed in each polling station, to assure social distancing. For security measures, municipal police officers were present at the stations.

Elecciones 2021 Puebla
Foto: Juan Carlos Sánchez / Agencia Express Media

Violence continues through Election Day

Three shooting were reported in the municipality of Tlachichuca, in Puebla, at the start of Election Day. The afflicted polling stations were located in the sections 2219 and 2222. There was no report of injuries, however, the people who were there to vote fled from the facilities.

Puebla’s digital newspaper, Pulso Regional, reported that the attacks took place at 8:20 and 8:59 a.m., with gunshots being fired.

Polling station officials requested the intervention of authorities to guarantee the safety of all citizens.

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Municipalities without elections

Meanwhile, in Puebla’s municipalities of Teotlaco and San José Miahuatlán, there will be no elections. Resulting in 2,600 citizens in Teotlaco and 10,000 in San José Miahuatlán that will not be allowed to exercise their right to vote, according to Jesús Arturo Baltazar Trujano, Electoral Counsel of the State Electoral Institute (IEE) of Puebla.

Due to the intervention of a group of people who denied the IEE to deliver electoral packages – including the official ballots – to presidents of the polling stations in the municipalities.

Baltazar Trujano mentions that individuals who aspired to office candidacy organized said actions, which he repudiates. The individuals did not obtain official registration for their candidacy, as they did not fulfill the requirements set by the IEE. Their response was to annul Election Day for the municipalities, in order to obtain an extraordinary election and have more time to obtain official registration.