José Luis Meneses Hernández, a 44-year-old Puebla native who has lived in New York for 21 years, needs support to return to Puebla. His health is in critical condition, due to the after-effects of COVID-19 and has no family in the United States to rely on.

In March 2020, he was admitted to a hospital in Brooklyn, New York, due to respiratory difficulties from COVID-19. During his stay, he required assisted breathing and went into a coma for two months.

The after-effects were just as severe. He suffered two heart attacks during July of that same year. Doctors requested authorization to disconnect him, but his relatives refused.

Subsequently, he was transferred to a rehabilitation center, where he remains to this day. Regardless, his eyesight was damaged, he has lost mobility, has memory loss, anxiety and other complications.

Of this, Mariel Trujillo, José Luis’ niece, commented that his family is going through difficult times. Because they are all in the capital of Puebla, while he remains hospitalized in the United States, without relatives who can assist him. Therefore, the family is seeking his return to Puebla, in order to be there for him. This way he will be able to continue with his recovery and medical care.

He doesn’t want to be there anymore, because he is basically alone, they do not give him his therapies. Our intention, as a family, is to bring him to Mexico and for his therapies to be given here, because there, we can’t help him, we can’t go to see him. So we are trying to raise funds,” she mentioned.

How to help José Luis?

His family is raising funds to be able to pay for his transportation to Puebla, as well as his medical treatment, which includes rehabilitation.

For this reason, they are running a GoFundMe campaign, a platform where people can donate money for different causes. In this case, the safe return of José Luis to his family.

Since May 24, 2021, they have collected $3,288 dollars, but their goal is to reach at least five thousand.

To support them, it is only necessary to follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the «donate now» button
  3. Indicate the amount you wish to donate
  4. Enter the credit or debit card information from which the money will be donated.
  5. Click on the «donate now» button and that’s it!

This platform has a guarantee that the funds are really used for social issues, not for profit. So, if something is not right, the donors will be able to get a refund.

Who is José Luis?

José Luis left Puebla, 21 years ago, to go to New York. With an undocumented status, like many other Puebla natives. During all that time, he worked in the restaurant industry and became general manager. However, after his situation, it has been impossible for him to go back to work.

He married and had two daughters. They are now 12 and 14 years old. Five years ago, José Luis and his wife separated and she went to live to another state with their daughters. However, he frequently visited them.