In Puebla, the municipal presidency was the main office for which candidates sought reelection, followed by local and federal deputies.

After the 2014 political-electoral reform in Mexico, which established the reelection of officials, up to four consecutive terms, as of 2018 and depending on the elected office.

In the case of senators and deputies, both local and federal, in order to run for an elected office, a period of recess was a requirement for candidates. However, with the modification, this is no longer necessary.

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Thus, for the first time in more than 85 years, in Mexico’s 2021 election, citizens had the choice of continuing or suspending an elected position. How did it develop in Puebla? Here’s the outlook:

Municipal presidencies

Foto: Juan Carlos Sánchez Díaz

In the metropolitan area of Puebla, most of the mayors sought reelection for their office, without success.

For example, in the capital, Claudia Rivera Vivanco (Morena-PT) lost the election by 20 points to Eduardo Rivera Pérez, who will once again return to office after ten years.

In San Andrés Cholula, Karina Pérez Popoca (Morena-PT) will not continue her government for another term, since Edmundo Tlatehui of the PAN-PRD alliance won the voter preference.

The same happened in San Martin Texmelucan, where Norma Layon (Morena-PT) only obtained 9.5% of the vote, positioning fifth among candidates. In this municipality, Abraham Salazar Pérez, of Movimiento Ciudadano, gained the majority of the votes.

In Cuautlancingo, the PAN-PRI-PRD candidate Filomeno Sarmiento Torres will be the new mayor, after Guadalupe Daniel (Morena-PT) failed to extend his government for another term.

Re-election was not possible in Coronango either, where Antonio Teutli Cuautle (Morena-PT) failed to secure a majority. While Gerardo Sánchez Aguilar of PAN-PRD triumphed.

In Tehuacán, the triennium had periods of political uncertainty after the arrest of the municipal president Felipe Patjane and the attempt to disappear the City Hall.

Finally, Andrés Artemio, who held office as alternate municipal president, sought his continuation in this election with the Fuerza por México party. However, Pedro Tepole Hernández (Morena-PT), won the majority.

In Atlixco, Guillermo Velázquez of PAN-PRI-PRD-CPP, failed to renew his position as Ariadna Ayala (Morena-PT) won the voter preference.

Those who were able to achieve reelection and will serve for another term are:

  • Amozoc: Mario de la Rosa (Morena-PT)
  • Huejotzingo: Angélica Alvarado (Morena-PT)
  • Ocoyucan: Rosendo Morales (PRI)
  • Los Reyes de Juárez: Manuel Herrera Ponce (PAN-PRD)
  • San José Chiapa: Arturo Graciel López (Morena)
  • Teziutlán: Carlos Peredo Grau (Morena-PT-CPP)

Local deputies

Diputaciones locales
Foto: Juan Carlos Sánchez / Agencia Express Media

In Puebla, local deputies are allowed reelection for up to four consecutive terms. For the 2021 election in Mexico, the majority of the candidates who sought a local deputy, managed to renew their term.

In this case, the deputies of the Morena-PT alliance that will be in the local Congress for three more years are:

  • District 10 of Puebla : Nora Merino Escamilla.
  • District 24 of Tehuacán: Fernando Sánchez Sasia
  • District 25 of Tehuacán: Olga Lucía Romero Garci-Crespo.

Nancy Jiménez Morales renewed the term for the PAN-PRD-PRI alliance in the 5th district of Tlatlauquitepec.

Mónica Rodríguez de la Vecchia, PAN-PRI-PRD candidate, won in the 9th district of Puebla. She will extend her term as plurinominal deputy.

Oswaldo Jiménez, who in 2018 entered Congress under the figure of first minority – also called “big loser” and eliminated in 2020 – in which parties gained a position in Congress with the candidate who had obtained the most votes in the elections, but lost.

In 2021, with the PAN-PRI-PRD alliance, Jiménez obtained the vote majority.

The only candidate who lost reelection, and will conclude his legislative term, is Nibardo Hernández (PAN-PRI-PRD) in the 23rd district of Acatlán.

Federal deputies

Diputaciones Federales en Puebla
Foto: Rodrigo Peña Cortés

The reform allows federal deputies to be reelected for up to four terms (one ordinary and three reelections), allowing them to remain in office for 12 years.

Most of the deputies of Puebla that extended their terms are connected to Morena:

  • District 4 Ajalpan: Inés Parra
  • District 6 Puebla: Alejandro Carvajal
  • District 10 Cholula: Nayeli Salvatori
  • District 14 Acatlán: Nelly Maceda Carrera.

Only Nayeli Salvatori did not achieve the voter preference and it will be the PAN-PRI-PRD candidate, Humberto Aguilar, who will take her place. 

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