For the second time this year, parents demonstrated outside the Hospital del Niño Poblano (HNP) due to a shortage of drugs and lack of chemotherapy for children with cancer.

During the strike, parents assured that the number of children affected by the situation increased to 286. Following the last demonstration on March 16, 2021, when the number was 250.

José Antonio Martínez García, Secretary of Health of the State of Puebla, stated in a press conference that the government knew about the delay on behalf of the Institute of Health for Welfare (INSABI) to provide the drugsthroughout the country.

Hence, the secretariat bought oncological drugs from private companies and assured that the state has the “95% for that type of drugsand the other 5% missing is scarce worldwide”.

Luis Miguel Barbosa, Governor of Puebla, reinforced what was said by José Antonio Martínez. Claiming there was no shortage of drugs in Puebla, due to the open contract of 2 billion pesos to acquire them.

However, parents continue to demonstrate on the lack of drugs and chemotherapies that continue all over Mexico. This causes more frequent relapses in children, for some even death.

Parents commented to the media that there is a machine for radiotherapy in the hospital, but it has not been working since February.

Ricardo Hernández, representative of the Ministry of the Interior of Puebla, arrived at the site to ask the demonstrators to allow the vehicles to pass. In order to set up a table for dialogue with the director of the HNP, to reach an agreement and find a solution.

On Wednesday, June 30, there were demonstrations in hospitals all over the country, demanding the authorities to supply the needed drugs for children with cancer.