The Secretariat of Tourism named Tetela de Ocampo, Puebla, as a Pueblo Mágico. The title translates to Magical Town, and it is granted to Mexican towns that represent the culture, traditions, and history from each state.

Now, Tetela de Ocampo, the place where “hills abound”, will be able to enjoy the benefits of the being a Magical Town. Such as being promoted and continuing with economic recovery.

What to do in Tetela de Ocampo?

The municipality of Puebla has several unmissable historical attractions. Plus, its tourist offer is remarkable.

According to the Secretariat of Tourism and Culture of the State of Puebla, some of the things to do in Tetela de Ocampo include the following.

1 Visit the Church of Santa María de la Asunción

Tetela de Ocampo
Photo: Agencia Enfoque

The church is located in the highest part of this Magical Town. Built in 1709, following Spanish Gothic architecture.

Inside the church, you will find the saint of the parish, Santa María de la Asunción. The saint is celebrated every August 15, making festivities plentiful that time a year.

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Location: Av. La Paz y 2 Sur s/n, col. Centro.

2 Discover the Museo de los Tres Juanes

Museo “Los tres Juanes”
Photo: Visit Puebla

This museum was founded on February 15, 2008. It houses objects from the Battle of Puebla on May 5. Such items include sabers, canons, ammunition, and documents, like the plan of attack that the French army intended to carry out.

Its name, Tres Juanes (Three Juanes), pays homage to three liberal men named Juan: Juan Crisóstomo Bonilla, Juan Nepomuceno Méndez and Juan Francisco Lucas.

Location: 20 de Noviembre #4, col. Centro.

3 Explore the Grutas de Acocomoca

They were discovered in 1997, and its name means “water that sounds”. It has an underground river with mineral-rich waters, two galleries of rock formations, the “magic pool” (which sometimes disappears), a waterfall, stalactites, flowstones and columns, all intact.

Location: Comunidad de Carreragco, Tetela de Ocampo.

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4 Attend the Huehue Festival

Festival del Huehue
Photo: Agencia Enfoque

The huehes de chirrón are one of the most important traditions in the community. The festival is celebrated every year, three week prior to Ash Wednesday.

Huehue’ means ‘old’ in Nathuatl. For this festival, locals dress up as these old-like picaresque characters and dance to the rhythm of sones (a flurry of harmonious sounds) played with guitars and violins, usually in the main square.

5 Adventure at Cerro de Zotolo

The most emblematic hill on Tetela de Ocampo, the Cerro de Zotolo, where people can hike to the very top. The journey, however, is very long, as the hill measures 3 thousand meters high.

There are many activities to do, like mountain biking, hiking and rappelling.

6 Enjoy the artwork in Casa Museo Tlapalcalli

The museum is also known as Casa de las Pinturas (House of Paintings). In it, you can find the paintings and sculptures of the local artist, Rafael Bonilla Cortés.

In addition, they offer workshops, cultural activities, guided tours, photograph and painting exhibits, and much more.

Location: Calle del Pintor, Barrio Juárez.

7 Relax at the Cascadas Aconco

Cascadas Aconco
Photo: Cabañas y Cascadas Aconco

An ecotourism center located in a remote forest, where Internet signal is not available and it offers a great chance to disconnect from the rest of the world.

There are two waterfalls, 45 and 95 meters high, which fall to two pools of up to one and a half meters deep.

It is possible to do activities such as swimming, rappelling, hiking, horseback riding, and you can even stay overnight at the ecological cabins in the area.

Location: Camino a la Lagunilla s/n, Xaltatempa de Lucas.

8 Savor the gastronomy of Tetela de Ocampo

Some peculiarities of the gastronomy are the serrano sauce with egg and serrano chile, mole poblano, escamoles (larvae of the güijera ant), tlatloyos (traditional dish) and “mariquitas” (ladybugs).

Location of Tetela de Ocampo

The Magical Town is located in the Sierra Norte de Puebla. Here is the map:

To know how to get to Tetela de Ocampo, you can access the route directly by clicking here.