Attorney General's Office starts Jose Eduardo torture's investigation

The police officers involved were released on August 13th, because that the Attorney General's Office decides to investigate everything related with the torture

The Mexican Attorney General's Office (FGR according with the meaning in Spanish) recently starts an investigation of the crime against a young man from Veracruz, José Eduardo Revelo Echeverria was tortured and pass away on August 3rd in Yucatan, Mexico.

This July 21st, José Eduardo was detainee, hit, and sexually abused by four different cops from Merida, and after being in emergency during several days, he passed away.

The FGR required to the Prosecutor's Office of Yucatan to bring all the information about Jose Eduardo's detention, and the reasons to clarify his torture reasons before he dies.

On August 7th, the municipal police officers from Merida were arrested and charged for rape, kidnapping and torture of Jose Eduardo.

However, the cops were free on August 13th, because the local court have decided that they were not involved in the situation in the absence of evidence of the Prosecutor's Office of Yucatan.


"A media case"

The FGR ensures that they started the investigation because Jose Eduardo's case is important to the society.

Although, The Mexican President, Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador, says that this case does not need to be ignore by the authorities, referring to the alleged lack of evidence from the Prosecutor's Office of Yucatan.

" About Merida's case, the court's argument is that the charges did not specify which police officer was, imagine that because legal technisism the court does not apply justice", he emphasized.

So that, the president ensures that will find the way to make justice to this case. Olga Sánchez Cordero, Secretary of Government, and Mauricio Vila, Yucatan's Governor gathered with another to discuss this case and punish the actors of it.