The Convent of Santo Domingo, a gem in Puebla

Located in Puebla's downtown, the Convent of "Santo Domingo", and the Chapel "Del Rosario" are a must-see architectural jewel.

The Convent of Santo Domingo in Puebla took around 40 years to be built, between 1571 and 1611.

Originally, it covered almost two blocks, but in the nineteenth century, due to the reform laws, part of the grounds were taken away, leaving only the temple, the arches, and some chapels that are still preserved to this day.

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Inside, it houses the Capilla del Rosario (the Chapel of the Rosary), which is considered a baroque gem and came to be considered "the eighth wonder of the new world" for its majesty and beauty.

In it, you can see six paintings by José Rodríguez Carnero representing the joyous mysteries of the Rosary.

The Chapel's splendor and harmony come from the gold leaf-covered plasterwork that shines under the sun; other materials such as onyx and tile were also used inside this building.

This Chapel is full of theological symbolism, Fray Agustín Hernández is considered the author of the symbolic discourse according to Francisco de la Maza.

This symbolism is present even in the smallest details: it has three vaults, each one representing a virtue: faith, hope, and charity.

The virtues lead to a crowned virgin, who represents the divine grace, she being the root, the fruits are the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit, which shines in the form of a white dove in the center of the dome.

The Virgin of the Rosary is considered the protector of sailors; and in the chapel, there are other secondary elements such as mermaids, pelicans, and flowers.

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In the central arch of the chapel, you'll find a Greek cross topped on each arm by a fleur-de-lis, the coat of arms of the order of preachers whose origin comes from the coat of arms of Mrs. Juana de Aza's family.

On the façade, sculpted in stone, is the image of the Archangel Saint Michael, to whom the church is dedicated.

There are also images of dogs because it is said that when Santo Domingo's mother was pregnant, she dreamed of a dog that had a torch in its snout. This dream was interpreted in a monastery in Burgos, Spain, the dog represents fidelity and the torch the light that will give the world.

Undoubtedly, an architectural jewel that is a must-visit in Puebla.