In Mexico, Puebla is one of the biggest states with more history in its communities, spread in 217 different municipalities. This is one of the reasons that 5 towns were named as "heroic".

To be considered as heroic, the town must have played an important role in the National History, having documentation that supports this participation.

Xicotepec de Juarez

It is placed 20 kilometers to the north side of Huauchinango in the Northern Sierra. Xicotepec has a population of around 80,000 people according to the census of INEGI in 2020.

In 1920, Xicotepec was the capital of Mexico for 4 days. Here we explain why it is considered as an heroic place.

XICOTEPEC, Pue., 25 de septiembre 2017.- Vista de la plaza central de la localidad de Xicotepec. //Agencia Enfoque//


This town is well- known as the eternal spring city, it is 30 minutes far away from the capital city, it was named twice heroic Atlixco de las Flores in 1998, because the two fights that were in the town.

  • US Army attack in 1848. This battle was leaded by the national army in charge of Joaquin Rea.
  • 4th of May battle in 1862,  after beating the French Army, they contributed to the victory of the day after battle at the capital.

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Tetela de Ocampo 

This town is located at the Northern Sierra, and was named  "three times Heroic Tetela de Ocampo" the 8th of April 2020, the appointment was made by the State Congress because of the following historical events:

  • Tetela was taken on July 16th, 1865.
  • Zontecomapan's Battle the 20th of October in 1865.
  • The heroic participation of the tetelenses bare feet, and armed with knifes and machetes during a Puebla's battle.

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Tetela de Ocampo
Tetela del Campo's center Foto: Agencia Enfoque

Puebla de Zaragoza

The capital was named by the State Congress as "four times heroic" because the historical events that took place in there.

  • The 5th of May Battle. (No es "The battle of May 5th"?) This was in 1862 between the French Army against the Mexican Army, leaded by Ignacio Zaragoza.
  • Sitio of Puebla. The battle was in 1863 and lasted 2 months, technically, the capital was destroyed.
  • Puebla was taken. This battle is well known as the 2nd of April Battle, in 1867 where the Mexican Army fight against the Second Mexican Empire's Army during the Second French Intervention in Mexico.
  • Crib of the Mexican Revolution. This is an historical event in the beginning of the Mexican Revolution, starting with the armed uprising of the Serdan's brothers in November 18th, 1920.
Vista aérea del Centro Histórico de Puebla
Puebla City Center from the sky. Foto: Agencia Enfoque


This town is located in the Northern Sierra of Puebla, it also was named four times "heroic", and was recognized in November 2020 by the name of "Fourth times the heroic Zacapoaxtla, City of the 25th of April". 

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Zócalo de Zacapoaxtla, Puebla
Zacapoaxtla Center. Foto: Agencia Enfoque