According to his lawyer, Wilfrido Castillo, Saúl Huerta will turn himself in during the third week of August for the accusation against him of sexually abusing a minor.

He also said that the goal is to follow the process given the accusations against him. He says that the Puebla congressman is not guilty of this. He affirms that he is calm despite having two accusations against him.

It’s just a matter of days until the congressman (Saúl Huerta) appears before a control judge, that is a fact,” he repeated to national media.


He also explained that they are waiting to be notified of the date of the initial hearing, where Huerta “will appear face to face”. But “we are fully aware of the precautionary measure of pre-trial detention”.

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The lawyer said:

He agrees to go before a judge, but refuses to be subjected to lawyers’ arbitrariness such as searching his wife’s home”. 


Meanwhile, the congressman defends his position saying that the allegations are insults and slander “made by the Power Mafia”.

Last week, the Congress approved his removal from office. This way he can now be tried in order to determine whether he is guilty or not.