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The Management Attention to Migrants Puebla is a public organization of Puebla City, its purpose is support Mexican migrants, from Puebla, México and foreigners.

It’s part of the Secretary of Economic Development and works as link of people and institutions as The National Institute of Migration or the High Commission for Refugees Office (ACNUR).

Here are the services that the management office offers:

  • Migrants counsel through the International Organization for Migration (OIM)
  • Help to request U.S visas
  • "Integrate" Strategy
  • Working counsel and linkage
  • Counsel to ETA request to Canada
  • Transfer of sick people and remains abroad
  • People searching
  • Counsel to handle identity documents (outside and in Mexico)

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In an interview with Poblanerias, Yessica Ramiro Bonilla, head of Municipal Management for Poblanos Migrants explains how works the strategy “integrate” (get involved) in Puebla:

This strategy is made with the United Nations Program for Development (PNUD) to strength working opportunities and they can develop in Puebla City, with the purpose of migration sees as a development area, not just as cause”.

“Integrate” strategy has as objective give work, education, house, healthcare, and legal advice to people in mobility circumstances of Latin America.

Additionally, Ramiro Bonilla detailed the people that can be help with this program. “This is for people in mobility circumstances, it means migrants, refugee requests in Mexico, internal displaced people, and internationally protected.”

Who will be interested to get more information regarding this strategy, call to 222 3834 523 where PNUD operator will help with platform use and doubts. Also, people who request help to different procedure can attend to Reforma 113, col. Centre or call to 222 309 4600 ext. 5473 from Monday to Friday at 9:00 AM to 5 PM.

Translation by: Luba Michelle García Vega