The top 5 antojitos from Puebla, Taste it!

Our country, Mexico, is well- known for our traditional and delicious gastronomy. Puebla has many different meals that could well- known around the world, here we give you the top 5.

Mexico is well- known for traditional and delicious gastronomy. On July 23rd became viral in social media the Tlayuda of Oaxaca because it won the championship called “Street Food Latino America” from Netflix becoming the best Mexican meal.

However, that Puebla has many different meals that could participate and overcome to the opponents .

Accordance with this, here we give you 5 different meals from Puebla that you must taste!

1. The Chanclas

Chanclas , platillo típico de Puebla.

Chancla is one of the emblematic of Puebla. It is a small and rounded bread filled with meat, avocado, and onion.

Another way to prepare this meal is to eat it whit a piece of avocado, and meat separately, also it could be with cheese, pork sausage (well known as chorizo), and cream.

Finally, it is soak in a chile guajillo sauce.

2. Pelonas 

The Pelona is a meal made of a fried bread in pork fat, this meal is unmissable if you're walking through Puebla's streets. Inside the bread has shredded beef, lettuce, refried beans, and cream.

It names comes from the picture of the meal, it means everything inside go out of the bread's edge.

3. Chalupas 

This meal is so common to eat at night weekends, it is a small fried tortilla in fat or pork fat, and is spread of green or red sauce, however the cook puts shredded beef and some onion.

Nowadays none knows where this meal comes from, there are some rumors saying that the recipe was created by the friars, who used chicken's scraps, then mixed with some corn dough, and when they tasted that it was dry they decided to add sauce and onion.

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4. Molotes 

The Molote is a kind of fried quesadilla in fat or pork fat, it is filled with some stew of chicken, or beef like picadillo or just shredded beef, and cheese. Finally the molotes are ready to taste with some cream and souce.

5. Memelas

The Memela is an oval corn tortilla thick, sears in fat or pork fat. On the tortilla has beans, sauce, and cheese.

Which is your favorite one?

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Translation done by: Luba Michelle García Vega