Located 30 minutes from the Puebla City, is the heart of motorsports in the state, the Miguel E. Abed Racetrack, one of the most important in the country.

The racetrack was built in 1985 on the federal highway 150 that connects Puebla City with Tehuacan. It is a circuit that modifies the configuration of the track depending on the category that uses it.

The oval, used by NASCAR, has a length of 2.06 kilometers, the layout used by Formula E is 2.98 kilometers and the World Touring Car CUP (WTCC) used the longest layout which consists of 3.13 kilometers.

Photo: Juan Carlos Sánchez Díaz / Agencia Enfoque

In 2005, the circuit was remodeled to meet the safety and facility standards required by the International Automobile Federation (IAF) to host WTCC races.

Currently, the racetrack has a grade 3E certification, granted by the IAF and is, along with the Hermanos Rodriguez racetrack, the only ones with this certification in Mexico.

During the 10th anniversary celebrations of the remodeling of the racetrack in 2015, turn 1 of the circuit was named in honor of Sergio 'Checo' Perez, being the only named turn of the circuit.

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Since its creation, it has hosted different national and international competitions. From karting competitions to World Championships such as:

  • Formula E
  • Formula 4
  • WTCC
  • NASCAR Mexico
  • LATAM Challenge Series
  • Formula BMW
  • 24 Hours of Mexico
  • Mercedes Benz Super Cup
  • Jetta TDI Cup
  • Mexican Super Turismo Championsip

In 2021, the Puebla's circuit once again hosted an international event by hosting two Formula E dates as an alternative venue to Mexico City.

The racetrack has the capacity to host up to 48 thousand fans in grandstands located on both straights of the circuit.

Why is it called Miguel E. Abed Racetrack?

Miguel Elías Abed was a businessman of Lebanese origin. He was a motorsport promoter and in 1927 he set a time of 1 hour and 27 minutes in the Mexico-Puebla race.

The racetrack was built in 1985 by Jose Abed, who decided to name it in honor of his father.

Jose Abed currently serves as President of the Mexican International Automobile Organization (OMDAI in spanish) IAF and Vice President of the IAF World Motor Sport Council.

How to get there?

To get to the racetrack from the capital of Puebla, there are two alternatives.

The first option is to take the 150D toll road and at the Amozoc toll booth, take the exit to the federal free highway towards Tehuacan.

The other option is to take the federal free highway and cross the municipality of Amozoc until you reach the racetrack located at kilometer 15 of the highway.