Piedras Encimadas: a magical Valley in Puebla

 It's believed the factors that shape the stones was the volcano activity, chemical reactions, and atmospheric agents like rain, wind, and damp.

The Valley of Piedras Encimadas is a park that offers an amazing spectacle, thanks to the gigantic rock formations of incompressible shapes and positions.

Piedras Encimadas is located 207 kilometers from the city of Puebla and 30 kilometers from Zacatlán de las Manzanas.

Geological studies show that the creation took place approximately 66 million years ago, in the Tertiary Period.

(Photo: Agencia Enfoque)

It is believed that the factors that shape the stones were: volcanic activity, chemical reactions and atmospheric agents such as rain, wind and humidity.

The sculptural complex is surrounded by a pine forest.

It is recommended for hiking, rappelling, zip-lining and mountain biking, it also has camping areas.

The rocky figures have been named because for their shape: the seated elephant, the head of Popeye, the seal, the owl, the virgin, the bird, the dove, the family, the seahorse, the affectionate mother, the cradle and the ideal partner.

Visiting this place is a magical experience, where your imagination can fly, some people can see human forms and others can see animals, dinosaurs, even UFOs.

On weekends this place is full of people and you can taste traditional food or sell handicrafts.


The Legend

It's said that people from another world created the rocks and placed them in that shapes in the valley.

Another version said:
A colossal Hercules put the rock as he wanted million years ago.
Also, a different one said:
The rocks are Giants that were punished by a pre- Hispanic God that became in those shapes.

Though, mineralogical studies have shown that this phenomena of stones on top of each other is related with the earth history, and not with legends.

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Translation done by: Luba Michelle García Vega