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The capital of the state of Puebla was named heroic four times by the State Congress in 2013. This was thanks to four historical events that happened in a span of less than 50 years, in which, Puebla characters and territory played important roles.

In Poblanerías we looked into the reasons why Angelópolis has been declared heroic four times. These explanations are about the historical events that have forged the Mexican Republic.

Battle of May 5th

The first event declared heroic, according to the Secretary of National Defense, was the Battle of May 5th in 1862; which took place in the Fort of Guadalupe and the Fort of Loreto.

The Army of the East, led by General Ignacio Zaragoza, defeated the French invasors, who attacked three times that same day without success in any of the attacks.

Their retreat from the aforementioned battle of that day was achieved.

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Siege of Puebla

According to María del Refugio González, in the book "Historia y Constitución. Homage to José Luis Soberanes Fernández, volume II", The Siege of Puebla was a military action between the Army of the East, led by Jesús González Ortega, and the French forces; event that took place from March 16 to May 17, 1863, in Puebla.

The Mexican army was defeated, however, its "effort" and "bravery" are recognized by naming this event as heroic.

The Taking of Puebla

One of the most relevant acts for the fall of the -second Mexican empire- and the third reason why the Angelópolis is heroic, was the Taking of Puebla, also known as the Battle of April 2nd.

According to historian Juan Carlos Soler in an interview for Poblanerías, this event began with the siege of the city of Puebla by elements of the Mexican Army led by General Porfirio Díaz.

The siege lasted from May 9 to April 2, 1867. On April 2 was the battle of the aforementioned army against the troops of General François Achille, who served the Second Mexican Empire.

That same day the confrontation with the defeat of the imperialist forces ended.

Mexican Revolution

The last event for which Puebla was named four times heroic, happened at the beginning of the Mexican Revolution.

Historian Juan Carlos Soler narrates that one of the events that triggered the revolutionary movement was the assassination of the brothers Aquiles Serdán and Máximo Serdán, in the city of Puebla.

These brothers supported the ideas of Francisco I. Madero, so they started a rebellion against the government of Porfirio Diaz.

This uprising took place on November 18, 1910. The Serdán brothers became martyrs of the Mexican Revolution, hence their heroic character.


Translation by: Karla Giselle Bonales Ramírez