The Mexico's Executive Secretariat of the National Public Security System (SESNSP according with the abbreviation in Spanish) has published the National statistics report of the emergency number 9-1-1.

This report includes the latest statistics as of June 30 of this year, which shows Puebla in the ninth place of executed  in the first half of the year.

1,219,428 calls have been made in Puebla, and approximately a million haven't been fended off.

With this number of unattended calls , Puebla ranked 8th place as one of the states with less percentage of calls that were not taken, leading to a delay to take the real emergencies.

These numbers indicate that Puebla has an average of 282 calls per hour to the emergency number 911.

The calls made in Puebla were to tend to the following matters:

  • Security- 63 percentage
  • Health care- 11 percentage
  • General Help- 8 percentage
  • Civilian protection- 3 percentage
  • Public services- 1 percentage
  • Others- 14 percentage
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Likewise, the reports show the main reasons why the calls in Puebla haven’t gone forward, are as follows:

  • Calls performed as a joke by kids
  • Silent call
  • Calls that did not represent an emergency
  • Calls by teenagers or adults as a joke

The report indicates that as a country level the emergency number has received 29.88 million calls during the first half of this year, and this is the smallest amount of calls since 2016, when this program was opened.

According to the Executive there are 192 Emergency Call Centers (CALLE according to the abbreviation in Spanish) that tend to all the Mexican emergency calls.

Finally, the Mexican Department of Public Safety remind us that these calls were reported as an emergency event.


Translation: Luba Michelle García Vega
Original text: Rodrigo Peña