Saúl Huerta Corona, who was Morena's Federal Representative in Puebla's XI district, was arrested on August 19th midnight in Mexico City.

The former legislator arrived to the General Prosecutor's Office in Mexico City, where he was required for the crimes of aggravated sexual abuse and rape of underage.

On April 21st, Huerta Corona, who wanted to be elected again one more time in his district, were charged to rape an underage of 15 years old in a hotel in Mexico City. However, he was in freedom because of his privilege called "fuero", it was gave to him because he was part of the government.

The kid declared before the authorities that he was with Huerta Corona because "work business", and then the Representative started to touch him in a disrespectful way for this reason the kid asked for help to the hotel's manager.

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Consequently, in a news conference, the Representative argued that it was "backmail", and arbitrary detention. He also argues that his freedom is because his innocence.

Therefore,  in Ciro Gomez Leyva's news program at night showed an audio that, apparently, shows Saul Huerta Corona talking about an economic agreement to the kid's mother, bribing her to take away the law suit against him.