The Northern Sierra of Puebla, in addition giving an amazing landscapes and meals, also bring us natural pleasures that make us feel full.


One of the traditional drinks in Puebla's Northern Sierra is the "Acachul" liquor made of Acachul seeds and fruits.

This wild fruit is known as Acachul, it comes from Acaxochitlan, it is small and looks like the capulin (a different wild fruit), they grow in the wooded and cool area of the town.

The seed or wild  fruit has this peculiar name, it is similar to the grape's bunch and has just one seed inside thet reacts to the sun or airturning purple at the moment of it exposure.

On the same token, Acachul liquor is made with wild cherries and Puebla's booze, while in Hidalgo is made with different fruit wines as blackberry, lemon, orange, guava, and apple.

The preparation process of this liquor consists in squeezing the fruit, add aguardiente (another kind of alcohol), and sugar. Aguardiente makes the process to obtain a desirable wine faster.

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Some creators mix 23 different aromatic herbs or up to32 herbs in total.

This with the purpose to create Cuetzalan's traditional drink called the Yolixpa, known as "The Gods' drink".

Due it's strong and bitter flavor, people from the area use it as a medicine adding some sweetener to solve stomach issues.

Town residents say that in order to prepare this drink is necessary to mix all the herbs in water, previously mixed with aguardiente because it works as natural conservator.

The Yolixpa since it origins keep an aromatic herbs flavor (like mint, aloe vera, thyme, oregano) without sugar. Its natural color is dark green and some time ago it was used as a medicine against diabetes.

On the other hand, the sweet Yolixpa has natural flavors, and as a sweetener they use honey or pilocillo (brown sugar) mixing them with the booze.

It is originally from Cuetzalan, but the Yolixpa runs into different towns loke Ayotoxco of Guerrero, Zacapoaxtla, and Apulco. This drink is a highlight being a traditional in area.

The "modern Yolixpa" is mixed with other ingredients like coffee, orange, passion fruit, and coconut.