Luis Ernesto Derbez, who until 2021 was rector of the Universidad de las Américas de Puebla (UDLAP), has an arrest warrant against him due to an alleged fraud while he was at the head of the institution.

According to national media reports, a judge in Puebla issued the warrant on August 12; however, it was not made public until August 18.

According to Animal Político, the arrest warrant is part of an investigation into the alleged creation of shell companies, such as the UDLAP Jenkins Graduate School, to divert money abroad.

They also reported that the arrest warrant was issued for: Mónica Ruíz Huerta Puebla, former administrative vice-rector of UDLAP; Mario Vallejo Pérez, former vice-rector of Finance and Institutional Development; Jesús Salvador Mijangos Patiño, former director of Legal Affairs; as well as against the Jenkins Landa family lawyers, Virgilio Rincón Salas and Alejandro González Muñoz, for their alleged participation in the crime of fraud against UDLAP.

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It is worth noting that Guillermo Jenkins de Landa, great-grandson of Guillermo Oscar Jenkins, this year denounced his family for money laundering, as he reiterates that there is an embezzlement of 720 million dollars that the Jenkins de Landa family took out of Mexico to Panama.

He also claimed that Luis Ernesto Derbez became a partner and helped divert around 100 million pesos.

Information published by El Universal indicates that the Mary Street Jenkins Foundation, still in charge of the family, circulated a bulletin in which they deny that the arrest warrant has been issued. Although it mentions that the official statement has no signature or official logos, it still appears on the Twitter account @Fund_MSJenkins, as follows (in Spanish):