In Puebla the population in work poverty increased 47.2% in the second third of this year in contrast with the first three months of 2020, it means before the COVID-19’s pandemic.

The data provide by National Council of Social Development Policy (known shorten as CONEVAL due to its initials in Spanish) shows the work poverty report, and mention that the percentage before was 41.7%

According with this data during the first six months of the year the poverty situation increased 1.7 percentage, jumping from 45.5% to 47.2%

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In this way, Puebla settles as the 4th place nationally according to the population who don't have enough income to buy the basic products.

Meanwhile Oaxaca is the first place with an increase of this percentage, moving 5 points, Guerrero increased 3.6 points, and Nayarit increased 2 points.

However, the Income per capital of the employees in Puebla were a thousand and 486.14 pesos in the second third of this year being under the National average of a thousand and 879.53 pesos.

The employees’ income shows a reduction of 125.72 pesos according to the 611.86 pesos in the first three months of 2020, in light of the pandemic.