The National Electoral Institute (INE, by its acronym in Spanish) reported that, at 10:56 in the morning on August 2nd, the quick count results of the referendum in Puebla records 409 thousand 226 responses, where “yes” vote dominates as an answer.

The referendum wanted Mexicans to choose between prosecute former presidents of Mexico or not.

In this way, the INE reported that, for the referendum to be valid, there should be a citizen participation of al least 40 percent in each state.

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However, with the results given, it has been achieved only 7.08 percent of participation in Puebla, since the nominal list have 4 million 759 thousand 751 people.

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With the 99.2 percent of the ballots computed, there are 409 thousand 226 registered votes, of which 397 thousand 270 voted “yes”, 6 thousand 713 voted “no” and 5 thousand 243 canceled their vote.

In Puebla municipality, there has been recorded a citizen participation of only 8.8 percent, which is 30 thousand 42 people, out of the 340 thousand 213 who are in the nominal list.

The votes where: 29 thousand 537 “yes”, 387 “no” and 118 canceled their vote.

What’s next?

The votes will be officially counted when the INE verifies that the citizen participation has been at least 40 percent of the people registered on the nominal list.

After that, the General Council will validate and make the declaration of the results, maximum 72 hours after knowing the results of the summation in each district count.

Therefore, if the required figure is not reached for it to be valid, the process will simply remains there and the opinion of those who did vote won’t be taken.

The expense of the referendum

528 million pesos were invested in the referendum, including 50 thousand voting tables and 94 million printed ballots.

As well as other items needed for and prior the referendum day, according to Carla Humphrey Jordan and Uuc-kib Espadas Ancona, INE’s advisers.