Last Monday August 30, in Puebla in- person classes were retaken in basic education and highschool, after 17 months working online 'cause of the pandemic.

According with the Secretary of Public Education (SEP, in Spanish) statistics in Puebla, 93 percent of public schools came back presently and 7 percent will do it in the coming weeks.

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SEP indicate that 64 schools were affected by Grace hurricane in Northern Sierra and 480 buildings were vandalized during the time that they don’t use it. Students of these 544 came back to school online.

Not all students came back

Inside of the third wave of Covid-19 contagion, the activities physically were retaken, and according to SEP data, 79 percent of students decided come back to school in hybrid method and 21 percent decided return online.

A million 196 hundred 833 are the students who return to school and started 2021- 2022 scholar year, which will end on July, 2022.

Therefore, SEP assured that 67 hundred 429 professors came back to school to teach in classroom.

25 million pesos to repairer affected school by ´Grace´

On Tuesday, during a media conference, Miguel Barbosa, Puebla’s governor, assured that the government will pay for the affections of these schools after Grace hurricane

"According to schools affected by Grace, the estimated investment is of 25 to 30 million pesos to restored it, and Puebla’s Government will pay for it!"


Finally, the governor said that they're waiting for a detailed report of all public infrastructure in the area that will require repair work to stat on it.