The National Park Izta-Popo is in the borders of Puebla and the State of Mexico, it has a lot of eco- touristic experiences. The Ecologic Apatlaco Park, is a sanctuary at the bottom of the volcanos.

This place started since 2004 and little by little modify and improve some areas. Housing, horses, motorcycles, and zip line are some of the attractions.

The visitors can hike and camp, use mountain bicycle, have picnic outdoors in the nature. This is the perfect place for a picnic day.

In addition of the forest, it has a viewpoint direct to the Iztaccíhuatl waterfall, which fall depends on the season of the year.

According to the park information, this water fills a river that goes through all the region and supplies water.

The visitor can also taste some antojitos like memelas, corns, and esquites.



If you visit the place, we recommend to wear comfortable clothes like tennis or boots, also warm clothing as jacket or scarf.

The ticket cost is 20 pesos per person.

How to get there?

The Ecologic Apatlaco Park entrance is in Paso de Cortes highway, and as a reference where is "los arcos", a bit before to the shelter.

The pathway continues in the middle of the forest, while 5 minute latter you will start to see cottages, and the restaurant.

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Translation done by: Luba Michelle García Vega