Barrio de los Sapos: antique bazaar in Puebla

This place is called "El barrio de los sapos" (the toads' neighborhood) because the rains used to flood the site, causing the proliferation of these animals.

Located on 6 Sur Street, between 5 and 7 Oriente in the city of Puebla, is the famous "Callejón de los Sapos"; a place where you can find a great variety of antiques and rustic furniture.

This place also receives the name of "El barrio de los sapos" due to the fact that because of the rains, the place was flooded causing the proliferation of these animals.

A former bullring

In this place, a bullring was built in 1849 in the place known as the house and orchard of Chapitel. Later another bullring was built on 3 Poniente and 11 Sur.

During the attack that Puebla suffered in the months of October and November of 1856, by the conservative movement, led by Miramon and Orihuela against the government of Comonfort, the liberal forces seized the San Jeronimo bullring, and people tried to burn it, without achieving their goal.

It is believed that the building suffered other attacks, so it was decided to demolish it in 1867.

The bazaar of Puebla's antique dealers

Currently in "El barrio de los sapos" you can admire old colonial mansions with balconies and facades of typical architecture of that era, converted into bazaars where Puebla's antique dealers offer various types of antiques, plus you can enjoy Puebla's gastronomy and bars with live music.

One of the pioneers in selling antiques was Don Salvador Macías, to whom the site allowed the development of his profession, as well as the promotion of the manufacture of rustic furniture and the birth of the traditional and characteristic bazaars of the city.

"Los Sapos" is a place that becomes splendorous on weekends, especially on Sundays, due to the large number of tourists it receives.

The established stores are open all week; however, on Saturdays and Sundays the "Los Sapos" bazaar is set up, a flea market that makes a difference with the rest of the week, bringing novelties that make it a must for collectors and people in search of antiques, rare and novel objects.

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