The taco is the Mexican food par excellence. Poblanerías online presents its readers with the ten most curious facts related to this delicious dish. 

1. Anthropologists and historians agree that the taco is a prehispanic dish. It is thought that women had the idea of preparing the food for their husbands, wrapped in tortillas, so that it would be easy to transport.

2. The first recorded image of a taco is found in the Sierra Codex, a text dating from the second half of the 16th century. The codex is actually a summary of church expenditures in a community of the Mixteca Alta in Oaxaca.

3. During the years of the Porfiriato, eating tacos was a custom of the popular classes. It was around the 1950s that the taco was introduced in the menu of the most elegant restaurants.

4. It is said that taquerias proliferated in Mexico City during the Revolution to feed the combatants.

5. Maris Bustamante developed a conceptual art project with the taco as a central element. What Bustamante did, in 1979, was to patent the taco -as an artistic work- to raise awareness in society about how a gastronomic legacy should be protected.

6. The world's largest taco was prepared in Querétaro on November 20, 2011. It reached a length of 75 meters.

7. American Joey Chestnut holds several world records for taco eating. In 2013, Chestnut ate 54 brain tacos in 8 minutes.

8. According to data from La Tacopedia, Mexicans eat 61 kilos of tortillas per year.

9. March 31 is celebrated as Mexican Taco Day, a date that was established in 2007.

10. Fausto Celorio invented the first automatic tortilla machine in 1947.

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