The National Population Council (CONAPO in spanish) published the 2021 Edition of the Yearbook of Migration and Remittances Mexico, where it's detailed the situation in Puebla and it's citizens.

According to the report, during 2020, 85,876 households in Puebla received remittances for a total of 1,873 million dollars, being the eighth state that receives the most money from the United States.

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The yearbook indicates that since 1995, 149 thousand 496 poblanos have emigrated from the state to settle outside the country, mainly in the United States.

California is the state (in the United States) in which the largest number of poblanos live with 30.6 percent of migrant poblanos.

The Puebla community of California resides in the main cities of the state: San Diego, Los Angeles, Fresno, San Francisco, San José and Sacramento.

New York (with a 21.1 percent) and New Jersey (with 8.8 percent) are the next entities with the largest number of Puebla residents in the northern country.

The report also indicates that the municipality of Puebla is the one that receives the highest percentage of remittances with 28.1 percent, followed by Atlixco (6.3 percent), Tehuacan (5.3 percent), Izucar de Matamoros (4.5 percent), San Martin Texmelucan (3.3 percent) and Acatlan (2.9 percent).

Who lives in Puebla? 

Historically, Puebla has been a city of transit, and today it has become home to many students who choose to pursue their university studies.

More than half a million of Puebla's inhabitants were not born in the state, which represents 8 percent of the state's current population, according to INEGI's 2020 census.

Veracruz is the state from which the largest number of people have change their residence to Puebla, as 164 thousand people of Veracruz reside in Puebla.

122 thousand people born in Mexico City live in Puebla; and another 73,863 are from Oaxaca.

Likewise, the report indicates that 30,794 foreigners resided in Puebla during 2020, with the United States being the main country of origin with 64.7 percent of inhabitants.

Venezuela and Colombia follow the list with the highest number of foreigners living in Puebla with 5.7 and 4.5 percent, respectively.

Spain and Germany are the fourth and fifth place respectively in terms of foreigners residing in Puebla, although the only represent 3.2 and 2.4 percent.

You can consult the Yearbook of Migration and Remittances Mexico 2021 here.