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The alley that is currently known as "Pasaje del Ayuntamiento" was planned in the first layout of the city, but it was in 1536 when they began to build the City Hall.

At that time it consisted of three rooms, the main one was for the Cabildo and the mayor's house was also located here. Of this construction, only the facade of the current Palace survives.

Later, in 1537, an agreement of the Cabildo caused the construction of two portals within the City Hall lots. Of these portals, one was baptized as "Portal de la Audiencia", which has now been renamed as "Portal Hidalgo". The Pasaje del Ayuntamiento was built to divide the City Hall from the Portal Hidalgo.

In 1578, the former city steward, Cristóbal Sánchez, was commissioned to build a chapel on this alley for the market people and the aldermen, so that they could hear mass before entering the town hall, as was the custom.

He was also commissioned to build two arches at the ends of the building, and the chapel was inaugurated in 1591.

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It was not until 1600 that another alley was built at the end of the other one, turning it into a butcher's shop, for this reason it was baptized "Callejón de la Carnicería" (Butcher's Alley). In 1626, the alderman Juan de Narváez turned it into a place where wheat, flour, corn, barley and other seeds could be sold, which is why it became known as "Callejón de la Alhóndiga" (Alhóndiga Alley).

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In 1835 the alley was titled "Callejón de la Cárcel" (Jail Alley), after the City Hall jail.

At the end of 1862, the City Hall had sold the jail premises to Ignacio Guerrero for the construction of a theater. Thus, the entrance to the public was formed by doors in the Portal, while the alley served as the entrance for the actors, therefore, it took the name of "Callejón del Teatro" (Theater Alley), during 1891.

In 1901, the alley became a busy center with glass roofs, giving it the name by which it is now known as "Pasaje del Ayuntamiento".

Currently, the facades are being cleaned, painted, the electrical network is being maintained and the lighting fixtures in the alley are being replaced.

Translation by: Karla Giselle Bonales Ramírez