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Where to buy a house in Puebla? or Which is the best zone to buy a house in Puebla? These are frequent question of people who wants to buy a property in the city. The answer is broad because there are various aspects to consider.

According to Lamudi, a landed property company in Mexico, there are four zones that are the most popular to buy a house or an apartment, according to a report made after an analysis.

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They are:

  • Downtown area

It is the most important point to connect to the rest of the city, in a matter of time and distances. It has a wide variety of shops and entertainment venues.

In this area, a house has a sale price of around six million pesos (296,464 dollars) while an apartment can have a sale price of one million 800 thousand pesos (88,939 dollars).

  • Angelópolis

Due to its closeness to many private universities, malls, and different recreative zones, many people search in this zone, and it costs around a million 800 thousand pesos (88,939 dollars).

  • La Paz

It is considered a safe and moderate area. It has a wide gastronomic and entertainment offer such as: shopping centers, nightclubs and bars.

Its accessibility to other areas is easy.

It is mainly sought after by young people and professionals, especially for rent; however, when it comes to buying, the area is also ideal.

  • La Animas

This area is popular for its connectivity with other parts of the city.

Nearby there are supermarkets, shops, shopping centers and other businesses for daily life.

The costs to buy a house go from 6 million 300 thousand pesos (311,287 dollars) and the apartments from 2 million 350 thousand pesos (116,115 dollars).

The most insecure zones in Puebla City

For many people, the most important thing is to buy a house in a safe area, that is, with little or no crime incidence.

In this regard, and at least until 2015, the Citizen Council of Security and Justice (CCSJ) of Puebla reported the ten most dangerous points in the state capital, for passers-by.

Here is the list:

El Carmen

  • 17 Oriente Avenue, and 2 Sur and 4 Sur Streets.
  • 5 de Mayo Boulevard, between 11 Oriente and 13 Oriente Streets.
  • 23 Oriente Avenue, between 5 de Mayo Boulevard and 4 Sur Street.

Downtown area 

  • 7 Poniente Avenue, between 5 Sur and 7 Sur Streets.
  • 5 de Mayo Street, between 4 Poniente and 6 Poniente Avenues.
  • 10 Oriente Avenue, between 2 Norte and 5 de Mayo Streets.


  • 5 de Mayo Boulevard and 31 Oriente Avenue.
  • 5 de Mayo Boulevard, between 43 Oriente and 45 Oriente Avenues.
  • 43 and 47 Oriente Avenues, between 14 Sur and 16 Sur Avenues.

Translation done by: Luba Michelle García Vega