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The first square in Puebla City, is around the Zócalo, where are located the Portals.

One of the Portals is the seat of Puebla City Council, as long as in last two you can find some cafeterias, restaurants, and bars. In total are three Portals: Hidalgo Portal, Iturbide Portal, and Morelos Portal.

Hidalgo Portal

It was called originally Audience Portal because it existed since the beginning of Puebla City, in that time, the mainly authorities were Court and Cabildo buildings.

As a result of Cabildo's agreement, in 1537, the portals of this square were built inside the plot, opening the path to the square shape.

Hugo Leicht, in his book called "Las Calles de Puebla" (Puebla's Streets) points out that the building was constructed from 1897 to 1901, and was called Municipal Palace or City Council. In 1847-48, during the city invasion, the Calbildo was gathered in the State Congress room, while that the State Government was in Cholula.

Iturbide Portal

The first parochial church in Puebla was in a half way of the square, bordering with the temple walls in the corner of Reforma Avenue 100.

After the creation of the Mayor Church, the first cathedral, in 1537, the place with the 4 plots of primitive parochial were sold. After that, according with Ceron Zapata, were find many human skeletons when a house well was opened, in the East side of the Portal; a merchandise got addressed to a cathedral priest, explaining that he found the remains of the first citizens there.

The license to bulid the Portals in that port of the public square  was given in 1533, being in the middle the temple. It was the reason of the roof and floor of the South side were further down than the rest.

Morelos Portal

On April 15th, 1524, the city Council got agreed allow the surrounded neighbors to take 21 feet more of their plots because there will be the market of Mayor Square.

Authorities thought that the Portals could be helpful for the merchandises, and the city also took space in the front part of their house with the same purpose.

In 1533, the license to build Portals in the West and East side was approved, also in 1537 was built Portals in the City Council Street. De las Flores Portal was named in 1689, adding that "in front of the water basin located in the public square".

Due to the commercial activity of flowers in Puebla, this portal was chosen for being the best protected from the sun and being the closest to the fountain. It was named Morelos in 1852.

Translation by: Luba Michelle García Vega