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Walking through the center of the city of Puebla and specifically, in the Barrio de los Sapos, we can find a very picturesque place, full of tradition, where it seems that time does not pass.

It is "La Pasita", a cantina that was inaugurated in 1916 by Mr. Emilio Contreras Aicardo. Despite the time, this traditional cantina of Puebla does not go out of fashion.

It is the most famous cantina in Puebla and is internationally recognized thanks to its traditional drink is La Pasita, a raisin liqueur served with a small portion of cheese and a dried fruit that is prepared in an artisanal way.

Two blocks of raisins, five blocks of raisins

Tradition and myth have it that La Pasita became famous because it served drinks according to the number of blocks that the consumer could stand upright after consuming them, since the effects of this sweet liquor made people fall down due to the effects of alcohol.

There were even those who ordered their "pasita" for two blocks, a block and a half, five blocks, in short; everyone knew their measure; it was in the fifties of the twentieth century when it became famous.

Throughout its history it has been visited by artists, university students, politicians and cultural personalities of Puebla and Mexico.

La Pasita's opening hours are from 12:30 to 17:30 hours, many times its owners have been asked to open it longer, but they say that "good things in small doses".


La Pasita: Raisin liqueur that is served with a piece of cheese and a raisin on a toothpick.

La Pasita offers about 22 beverages, among which the following stand out:

  • La Sangre de Brujas (Witches' blood):Blackberry liqueur with hibiscus.
  • La Sangre de Artista (Artist blood): Quince and apricot liqueur.
  • Amotilado de Naranja:Orange liqueur.
  • Calambre (Cramp): Lemon liqueur.
  • Fantasma (Ghost): Coconut liqueur.
  • Piña en su Jugo: Pineapple liqueur.
  • Almendra: Almond liqueur.
  • Rompope: Eggnog.
  • Anisado: Anise liqueur.
  • Crema a Go-go.
  • China Poblana: Blackberry liqueur, hibiscus, rompope and mint liqueur.
  • Charro con Espuelas: Tejocote liqueur, rompope and cocoa cream.
  • Sangre de Diablo.
  • Cold pineapple.
Yolixpa- Acachul
Photo: Agencia Enfoque

Legend, myth or reality

It is told that in La Pasita –for many years– there has been a contest that tries to test the resistance of consumers:

Whoever can drink 100 glasses of pasita wins a thousand pesos and the drinks are free.

A man nicknamed El Peterete drank 100 cups of raisin and received a prize of one thousand pesos; years later a young man of Spanish nationality and only 27 years old tried to match the feat of Peterete, but only managed to drink 93 cups and fell fainted, he had to receive first aid by the Red Cross.

La Pasita and the Museum of the Incredible

In addition to tasting these delicious liquors, we can entertain ourselves by observing curiosities such as: the brush with which the red sea was painted, the horseshoe of the Trojan horse, the pomegranate that blew off Alvaro Obregón's hand and an endless number of things that many of the consumers of this place fail to appreciate.

There are also banknotes, coins from different parts of the world, autograph signatures of people who have visited La Pasita. Old photos, newspaper clippings with curious facts, jokes and other objects.

Translation done by: Karla Giselle Bonales Ramírez