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Following media reports that the Instituto Nacional de Estadística y Geografía (INEGI) had determined that the Pico de Orizaba belongs to the state of Puebla, INEGI denied the allegations.

INEGI stated in a press release that Pico de Orizaba –also known as Citlaltépetl– shares territory with three municipalities of Puebla and two of Veracruz, therefore, it belongs to both states.

They specified, on September 28, 2021, that they do not have“attributions related to political-administrative, state and municipal boundaries”, so they could not determine that some element is from a certain place.

This arose, after having published (on September 24, 2021) the Registry of Continental, Insular and Submarine Geographic Names for Statistical and Geographic Purposes, where it only indicates Puebla as the name of the entity where it is located.

However, INEGI clarified that, this Register is only for obtaining and labeling the names of geographic features and “is not an authoritative source for determining the location of the features”of the features.

The Pico de Orizaba National Park is located in the territory of the states of Puebla and Veracruz (…). For the state of Puebla, correspond the municipalities of Tlachichuca, Chalchicomula de Sesma and Atzitzintla; and for the state of Veracruz, the municipalities of La Perla and Calcahualco.”, assured INEGI in its latest statement regarding the subject.

The National Park informed that, 67% of the territory corresponds to the state of Puebla and the remaining 33% to Veracruz, and that the administration and management still belongs to the same authorities.

Pico de Orizaba National Park

Due to the inactive volcano, the Pico de Orizaba National Park was created -established on January 4, 1937- where hiking activities can be carried out, as well as trekking, mountain biking, camping, as well as enjoying the flora and fauna of the area, among others.

Pico de Orizaba
Pico de Orizaba National Park, located in Puebla and Veracruz states.
(Photo: Juan Carlos Sánchez Díaz / Express Media)


To access this site you must be located on the Orizaba-Córdoba highway, towards the Veracruz municipality of Coscomatepec and then in Calcahualco is the entrance, that is, in Veracruz territory.

According to Conanp, the ascent to Citlaltépetl is done from the Chalchicomula de Sesma side, heading to San Nicolás Tlalchichuca. From there a road begins to Villa Hidalgo and from this point the road continues on foot.

Translation done by: Karla Giselle Bonales Ramírez