5 places to eat cemitas in Puebla

Cemitas are a typical dish of Puebla and there are different types of preparation, although quesillo and avocado are characteristic ingredients.

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The cemita poblana is a typical dish of Puebla's gastronomy, which tourists and locals look for the best places to taste this dish. The cemita bread has evolved from the pambazo brought to Mexican lands by the French and the semita bread brought by Jewish inhabitants in colonial times in Puebla.

The typical cemitas poblanas are prepared with a large crusty bread decorated with sesame, avocado, quesillo, olive oil and beef or chicken milanesa and accompanied with chipotle or rajas to give it a better flavor.

Here are the 5 best places to eat cemitas in Puebla:

Mercado de Sabores

This market located in downtown Puebla gathers several stalls that have sold the traditional cemitas for several years in the Venustiano Carranza market. Among the most popular stalls are the As de Oros, Cemitas Emma or the Az de oros.

Cemitas del As de oros

Mercado del Carmen

Mercado del Carmen is one of the most visited by tourists and locals who want to try the traditional cemitas poblanas. One of the best known stalls are 'Las Poblanitas' located inside the market.

Cemitas las poblanitas

Cemitas 'El Gordo'

The cemitas traditionally associated with wrestling are those of 'El Gordo'. These cemitas are filled with boiled potato, avocado, quesillo and milanesa.

Located in front of the entrance to the Arena Puebla, they are the obligatory stop before entering a wrestling show.

cemitas el gordo Puebla

Cemitas Natalia

The traditional baseball and soccer cemitas are made in Cemitas Natalia, with french fries, avocado and lots of quesillo have accompanied sporting events in Puebla for many years.
You don't need to wait for a sporting event to consume them, as they have a store on Calzada Zaragoza a few meters before reaching the stadium area.

Cemitas Natalia

Mercado el Parral

A few steps from Paseo Bravo, is the Parral market, in which in the food area there are several stalls where you can order cemitas of all ingredients such as sausage, cheese, leg, enchilada meat or the typical milanesa. The most recognized are the Cemitas Conchita.

The Extra

What if you want to prepare your own cemita at home? Although you can get the ingredients to prepare your own cemita in all the city's markets, the most prominent ones are La Acocota, El Parral and Zapata to buy bread, avocado, quesillo, milanesas, papalo and olive oil.

Do you prefer to order from an actual place or through delivery apps? We recommend La Atómica, El Carmen and La Dinamita cemitas.

Translation by: Karla Giselle Bonales Ramírez