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José Ramón Fernández is a well known sport's journalist that was born on April 6th, 1946 in Puebla, son of Adelina Álvarez and Mariano Fernández.

Nowadays is presenter at ESPN (a sports network) in shows as Futbol Picante, and Sportscenter, and is writer at the newspaper Record.

From Poblano to Poblano

"Joserra", also knewed as it, grew up in Puebla until 12 years old, when he started to study in a Marista de Oviedo School in Spain. However, he returned at 18, to study a business management degree, at Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla (BUAP).

In 1970, José Ramón started to work in the media area to Canal 6 de Puebla, which in that time was part of Television Independiente de Mexico Company (TIM) in sports area.

In 1973, Joserra moved to Mexico City to open the sports department of Canal 13. On January 6th of 1974, the first edition of "Deportv, el ancho del mundo deporte" show (Sporttv, the greatness of sports' world), was broadcasted.

With this show, and "Los Protagonistas" in TV Azteca, José Ramón changed the usual dynamic of Tv sports shows in Mexican networks, taking a critical and irreverent style, different of what Televisa (the other powerful mexican network) used to offer.

In the 90s he invited many comedians to his shows, such as Ausencio Cruz, Víctor Trujillo, and Andrés Bustamante, who incorporated funny sketches in television.

José Ramón Fernández Photo

During his career, he has been helping and shaping new journalist generations as Raúl Orvañanos, Carlos Albert, Alberto Fabris del Toro, André Marín, Enrique Garay, Carlos Guerrero, Ciro Procuna, Rafael Puente, Cristian Martinoli, and David Faitelson.

In 2009, as a team with Leopoldo Díaz de Leon, another sport's journalis, founded the Institute of Advanced Studies in Sports Journalism 'José Ramón Fernández´ where offers High Schools, Bachelor's degree and Certifies.

In addition, he have participated in many different media outleta as Grupo Reforma, Grupo Acir, Monitor and Grupo Fórmula.

More than 40 years covering World's Cup and Olympic Games

The first international competition that he covered was The Montreal 1976 Olympics Games in Canada, covering the following 11 editions, until he wasn't able to cover Tokyo 2020 Olympics Games due to COVID 19 restrictions.

At the same time, he started to cover Soccer World's Cups, starting with Argentina 1978 and covering all of them until nowadays, seeking to add his twelfth World's Cup in Qatar 2022.

Also, he have covered many other international contest as Gold Cup. America-s Cup, Pan American Games, Champion's League and Mexican Tennis Opens.



Translation by: Luba Michelle García Vega