Architecture of Alfeñique House, a sweet facade

Alfeñique House is located in 6 Norte Street N. 400, it was called like that because its facade looks like made of Alfeñique candy.

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In 1790, the Alfeñique House, located in 6 Norte Street N. 400, it was called like that because its facade looks like made of Alfeñique candy, a sugar pastry of almonds.

This house were built by Antonio Santamaria de Icháurriegui, head master of architecture; by Juan Ignacio Morales, blacksmith master, who was grandfather of Francisco Morales, a famous artist.

The Alfeñique House legend says that Juan Ignacio Morales ordered to build the house for his fiancee, who set as qualify to get married with her, that he must build a "candy house" for her.
It’s said that the lover spent 14 thousand 900 pesos in gold, that wasn’t enough to rich the goal, and concluded the mansion with a sweet facade.

Facade Architecture 

The house has an eye-catching and full adornment. Because of its location, has two facades covered of tiles and red bricks, having balanced it’s doors and balconies distribution.

An article written by Rafael Ibañez Guadalajara, describes the Alfeñique House as luxury, spacious and ornate house that belonged to influential people or wealthy families.

Originally, the facade facing east had doors that opened onto the street and communicated to separate rooms that were occupied by artisans. These rooms, which had the characteristic of being used for commerce in the lower part, while the upper part was a room, were called plate and cup accessories.

The two facades of the Alfeñique House are covered with petatillo in combination with tiles. The balconies are made of parapets, a kind of stone masonry.

The ceilings of the balconies have, as pendants, moldings made of a material called pegostre.On the upper windows there are inscriptions of religious character, the five windows of the street have the names of Ana, Antonio, María, Jesús and Joaquín.

On the other hand, Dr. Manuel Toussaint exalts the ornamentation of the Alfeñique House and affirms that it is the main merit of the mansion.
The ornament that is soberly concentrated, which is null in the lower part and slowly ascends, lightens each floor, until reaching the voluptuousness of the cornice, that undulating line that seems to rock in the clouds.”

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Translation by: Luba Michelle García Vega