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The Ex Hacienda el Santo Cristo, located in Atlixco Puebla, is considered a Historic Monument and is endorsed by the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH).

Manuel Domínguez, current owner of the Ex Hacienda, tells Poblanerías that the construction dates back to 1540, its use was mainly agricultural and it was owned by Spaniards.

It was originally part of what is now the El Cristo subdivision, but during the Mexican Revolution it was divided with the construction of the highway, leaving a 12 hectare property. Now, the Hacienda is known as "El Cristo Chico".

For a long time, the Hacienda was abandoned and in ruins, until it was bought by Manuel Domínguez who decided to rebuild it.

Its reconstruction took 3 years and was done under INAH guidelines. For the remodeling of the Santo Cristo it was necessary to obtain old brick, volcanic stone and talavera for the domes.

Currently, the hacienda is rented for events, has a capacity for 750 people, has 8 rooms, a pool and a barn where the horses used to be. It is covered by a white dome and has a living room and kitchen.

There is also a chapel with a capacity for 60 people, which according to INAH guidelines, is illuminated with red light. Manuel Domínguez explains that the lighting refers to the fact that at that time, since there was no electricity, red candles were used to illuminate it.

Each wall of the Hacienda is decorated with stone, bricks and volcanic stone, creating an aspect of how it was originally.

Translation by: Luba Michelle García Vega