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There are many constructions and historic mansions of the colonial era in Puebla City. Exactly, this is the history of one of the most emblematic house of XIX century, Presno House.


Presno House mixed neoclassic and romantic style, authentic of Porfiriato period. The emblematic building is located in Juan de Palafox y Mendoza Avenue #208.

It holds this name in honor to Marcelino G. Presno, one of its owners, who also was owner of San Juan, La Asturiana and San Felix factories. The first house built in that land was on XIV century, and Presno House was completely renew in XIX century.


Due to its France architecture, the building was chosen to film Frida movie, performed by Salma Hayek, where presented a European building.

The Presno House stairs are decent of many postcards, as the leaded stained glass in the stairwell, which was fashionable architectural element during the Porfiriato period.

Standing out the plaster details painted in the upper floor walls, as in the framework doors. The marble and the wood in the building is still being the original of that time.

Inside the house you can see:

  • Original vegetables paints from that time
  • Isabel lamps
  • France leadeds
  • Metal banister in stairs, rails, and windows


The property owner was Martin de Mafra Vargas, son of the conqueror Gonzalo Díaz de Vargas and his wife, Mrs. Bernadirna Medrano.

In XIX century, the property owners were Ancho family, who kept during 4 generations, until it was sold to Mr. Antonio Couttolenc, who after time gave it to Marcelino G. Presno, in exchange of "de Rosete" House, located in 5th Street of Benito Juarez, nowadays known as 11 Norte Street.

The National Mexican Bank, in 1928, took the house because of a Marcelino G. Presno's wife debt. Years later it was sold to Maria Sanchez widow of Fuente.

In 1960, the house was transferred to Santa Maria Developer, yielding the rights to Carlos González Chavarria. And in 1983, Carlos González donated the property to the Benemerita Universidad Autonoma de Puebla (BUAP), the one that kept as building extension.


Currently, Presno House hosts the "Alfonso Velez Pliego" Social Science and Humanities Institute. The Puebla City Center visitor cannot lost the chance to visit this amazing and romantic architecture, that holds this house since many time ago.

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Translation by: Luba Michelle García Vega