Salón de Cabildos between the artistic and the historical

This room was inaugurated by Porfirio Diaz, in a set of art work given to celebrate Mexican Independence Centenary. 

Nota: Este contenido tiene una versión original en español

In the first floor of Municipal Palace of Puebla is a wide place of huge artistic and historic value: El Salón de Cabildos (The Hall of Cabildos)

The area were councillors gather every week, was constructed during 3 years. It was inaugurated by the president Porfirio Diaz to celebrate Mexican Independence Centenary.


In the central wall are the royal document of the city. The first, granted by King Carlos I of Spain, with which his name and coat of arms were awarded.

The second one was issued by his wife, Queen Isabel of Portugal. With it, Puebla acquired the title of Ciudad de los Ángeles ("Angels City") on March 2nd, 1532.


There is also a plaque with which Benito Juárez, being president of the Republic, gave the title of Heroica Puebla de Zaragoza, after the death of General Ignacio Zaragoza.

The Hall has inscriptions relating to the Battle of May 5, Juan de Palafox and Mendoza, Benito Juárez, the Serdán brothers and the Founders of the city.

The architecture of the Salón de Cabildos has a great wealth in itself, thanks to the Renaissance-style paintings created by the artist Herrera Gutiérrez and the plasterwork that adorns its walls.

CabildoCabildoThe Hall architecture shows wealth in itself, thanks to the renaissance style paintings, created by the artist Herrera Gutiérrez, the ones that decorate its walls.

In the highest part are sculptures of men, which simulate carrying lonians capitals on their shoulders and represent the city strength.

Translation by: Luba Michelle García Vega