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Tacos are the culinary best sellers, that are related with many other meals, as rich in ingredients and presentations as tacos. According to the Tacopedia: Taco’s encyclopedia these are closest “cousins” of the taco.


This meal was developed completely during the Colonial period, thanks to the nun’s creativity and the arrival of the oil into Mexico.

There are two main requirements for an antojito could be considered as enchilada: there must have fried tortillas and soaked or bathed in sauce.

Enchiladas with its characteristics and flavors are already considered part of the culinary national identity. Time ago, they were offered as snack in the pulquerias (place where sells pulque, a traditional Mexican drink), nowadasy is part of the manu of different restaurants.

In addition, to show they are part of the national heritage, there are two fairs a year: in San Luis Potosi and Iztapalapa zone, Mexico City. The biggest enchilada of the world was prepared in Iztapalapa, holding a Guinness Award in 2013, with a length of 80 meters.


The tortillas to make enchiladas potosinas are red. The color is the product of the nixtamal mixture with chiles anchos (dry chile poblano).

After that, tortillas are bathed in a chile guajillo sauce, before they will be fried, they are filled with aged cheese and onion, you can also add tomato and chile.

The meal is decorated with fried potato and carrot squares, to give the potosino essence, also some avocado and cream crown the meal.

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Mole Poblano

Mole Poblano‘s origin is a myth, but it starts on XVII century in Santa Rosa convent, which building can still appreciated in 14 Poniente Street in Puebla City Center.

It is prepared with different ingredients as cacao, almonds, garlic, and banana, there are many chiles that take away the sweet par of this meal. Chile pasilla, ancho, and mulato are very important.

Talking about enchiladas, is  indispensable spread on sesame decorate them with slides of onion. The fill is most of the time chicken and the most traditional is turkey.



The cheese is essential in this meal. Once the enchiladas are ready, you must bake them until the cheese is melted, it could be Chihuahua or Asadero cheese.

Regarding the sause, it could be green or red, but the green one is the most popular, and to prepare it, you will need green tomatoes and milk or cream.


They could be roast or fried, quesadilla must not be filled of cheese. This contradiction in the name is still a unsolved and controversial topic.

Quesadilla is, basically, a bend tortilla in half filled with some stew. The most typical stews are picadillo, chicken tinga, and potatoes with chorizo, the simplest fills are pork crackling, mushrooms, flor de calabaza and huitlacoche.


Molotes are fried quesadillas, but the difference is in the dough, because nixtamal is mixed with wheat flour, and according to the complexity, they can also add mash potato.

They are many different types of molotes, for example, in Veracruz, they make molotes with mash bananas filled with beans, and in the cost area is too common to find fish and seafood molotes.

Foto: Agencia Enfoque


This type of quesadillas are made with wheat tortillas, filled with cheese and pastor, being the most recent invention. It was on the 70’s when a American student visited “El fogoncito”, a taqueria (place were tacos are sold) at Anzures, Mexico City.

They ordered their tacos al pastor with cheese, and this meals becomes famous, the customers started to order the same as “the gringas”.


It is the Oxaqueño antojito. A tlayuda is a big tortilla, like 40 diameter centimeters, and is cooked until it becomes rigid, but isn’t a tostada, the tlayuda should blend.

The tlayuda is placed in the skillet, it has beans, and cheese, slides of cabbage, tomato, onion, avocado, sauce, and cream.

The most elemental tlayuda is the vegetarian, the most common preparation has some meat, Tasajo is the perfect complement, but it also can have cecina enchilada or shredded chicken.



Translation by: Luba Michelle García Vega