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On 3 Oriente, almost on the corner of Casa de Palma, is Tortas Ana, a place that since 1962, delights the palate of the people of Puebla.

The tortería was founded by Ana María Arronte López, who still manages the place, along with her brothers Ciriaco and José Luis.

At the beginning, they served in a place where the Casa de Palma hotel is today; however, with the sale of the mansion, they had to hand over the site and move a few meters further on.

In an interview with Poblanerías, María Elena Arronte De Ita, Doña Ana María's niece, who has helped in the business since she was very young, talks about the tortería.

She says that before Ciudad Universitaria was created, their clientele were BUAP students who were studying for a bachelor's degree or high school.

Over the years, some of them continue to visit the site, now with children and grandchildren.

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Now, although their customers continue to be university students and teachers, tourists and workers from the Historic Center also come.

María Elena says that due to the earthquake of September 19, sales fell by up to 75%, because although the house was not damaged, they closed while awaiting the Civil Protection report. But little by little, the Center, like the business, has been going back to normal.

Tortas Ana opens at 8 a.m. and closes at 6 p.m. But the work starts at 6:30 in the morning when they begin to prepare the ingredients with which they will prepare the cakes. Within the menu, they also offer tacos dorados, sandwiches, cuernitos, juices and gelatins.

Its specialty is the leg torta and the veal torta, prepared with the original recipe of Ana María, the founder.

The torta is traditionally a round, flat bread that does not contain yeast in its preparation. It is also known as telera and in some regions of Mexico it is known as bolillo; however, for poblanos the difference between the two is very clear.

For Mexicans torta is also the preparation made with this bread by breaking it in half and filling it with all kinds of ingredients, creating the unique torta de tamal, torta de chilaquiles, or torta filled with sweets such as jam, butter or chocolate.

The torta is part of popular culture; some of the sayings are based on it, for example, "every child brings a torta under his arm" or, "he remained like the dog with the two tortas" and "they ate the torta before recess", illustrating with mischief the importance of this food in the daily life not only of the poblanos, but of almost all Mexicans.