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The building has almost 400 years of ancestry and constructed by Diego de la Sierra. Carlos Montero Pantoja, PhD., researcher of Social Science and Humanities Institute «Alfonso Velez Pliego» explains that Diego de la Sierras, who was a baroque Master, showed this style in each part of the building.

Casa de las Bóvedas
(Foto: Lizeth Flores Jácome / Express Media)

Inside of the house, there is a fountain, but it isn’t known the origin of it and if it was built when the Casa de las Bóvedas was built too. However, the fountain is baroque style and it’s well proportionated in the yard.

Almost a century later of its edification, in 1759 the building was called «Casa de las Bóvedas«.

Montero Pantoja explains in his thesis Barrio Universitario, that the land of Casa de las Bóvedas has a rectangular shape, due to the frontal area is bigger than the others, and to so many visitor it can be relevant.

In 1813 when the building was in charge of the Charitable Foundation for Education of Youth, the mansion was the first Art School in Puebla. The building -the academy- belonged to Diego Pelaez, Cathedral’s giver, because of its design, it was very important that the streets where its located is called «Bovedas Street» in XIX century plans.

According with Montero Pantoja, PhD., speculations, Jose Manzo, architect, was involved with the mansion «Casa de las Bovedas» modifications to be the Art Institute. The Casa de las Bovedas was the Art Institute during 160 years, It got closed in 1973 to later becomes in the Picture Gallery of the Autonomous University of Puebla.

Nowadays, Casa de las Bovedas is parts of the architectonic heritage of the Benemerita Univerdidad Autonoma de Puebla (BUAP) and its the place of Vice- Rectory of Extension and Cultural Dissemination.

How to get there?

The house is located in Juan de Palafox y Mendoza Avenue #406, two blocks near of Puebla’s Zocalo.

Translation by: Luba Michelle García Vega