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Craftsman and producers from Puebla are part of the catalogue “Navidad Orgullo Puebla”  where you will find more than a hundred options of Puebla products to gift in this season.

Through this catalogue, people can buy different brands of coffee, food, candies, snacks, drinks, handicrafts, and personal care and health items.

Puebla producers in the catalogue are from different towns as: San Andrés Cholula, Atlixco, Puebla, Zapotitlán, Huitzilan de Serdán, Huauchinango, Xicotepec, Cuetzalan, San Martín Texmelucan, San Miguel Xoxtla, Calpan, Zacatlán, among others.

If you are searching for the best gift, here are some options to create your Christmas presents or to enjoy in Christmas eve.

What to buy?

Coffee products

This catalogue offers coffee bean products, coffee with cinnamon, panelitas and condiments. The coffee comes from towns like Zapotitlán de Mendez, Xicotepec, Tlacuilotepec, Huizilan de Serdán, and Cuetzalan.

Other products such as coffee jam, coffee flour, and coffee soaps are also offered.


In this section, you can buy mole products, sauces, dressings, pipían, bread, pickled rajas and homemade jams.

Candies and snacks

Puebla is the eighth largest honey producing state, so there is a wide variety of products related to honey and its derivatives.

The catalog also offers artisan chocolate bars, coffee beans candied with chocolate, cookies, chocolates and typical sweets such as sweet potatoes and Santa Clara pancakes.

If you are looking for salty snacks, the option is dehydrated fruits and peanuts.


With more than 30 brands, the Orgullo Puebla catalog offers a variety of craft beers from the municipalities of Atlixco, Puebla, San Pedro Cholula, San Andrés Cholula and Izúcar de Matamoros.

In addition, mezcal, agave distillates, ciders, herbal liqueur and even whiskey and vodka.

Photo: Cortesía Cervecería Mediagua

Personal care and health items

Another option of local products are those of health and personal care, where you can buy liquid shampoo, soaps and toothpaste. In addition to silver jewelry, talavera jewelry, stone handicrafts, onyx handicrafts, jewelry embroidered handicrafts and handmade hats.

What do you think of the idea? To consult the catalog to see the Puebla brands that offer their products, click here.

Do you want join to this catalogue and online store?

The Economy Secretariat informed that entrepreneurs, craftsmen and craftswomen, as well as owners of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises can join to Orgullo Puebla online store in Mercado Libre, as well as in the catalog of food products.

If you wan to register, it is necessary to send your information and request your registration form to [email protected] to give them personalized advice and support them in the process to expand and strengthen their digital skills.


Translated by: Luba Michelle García Vega