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The parking meters in Puebla city, if approved, will cost 10 pesos per hour (which can still be modified), they were even contemplated in the Income Law 2022, despite the fact that the municipal authorities assure that its implementation is not yet a fact.

According to Eduardo Rivera Pérez, mayor of Puebla, the project is under evaluation and for this the 10 pesos per hour are contemplated. What is happening at the moment are talks with experts, as well as businessmen from the Historic Center, to see the feasibility of its application.

In this sense, it will not only consult with merchants, but also with inhabitants and visitors of the first square of the city, with the purpose of making a comprehensive proposal regarding parking meters.

Parquímetros en Puebla
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He said that the proposal to install parking meters was included in the Revenue Law 2022 to prevent, if the project is accepted, being able to count on the resources to execute the implementation of these.

Eduardo Rivera mentioned that the cost can be modified, that is, the 10 pesos per hour can be changed to another amount, as considered during the development of the project.

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Previously, the Management of the Historic Center, Traffic, Mobility and Security, met with motorists in order to expose situations with “franeleros” and the charges they make, coupled with road congestion.

Attempts to install parking meters

Installing parking meters in Puebla has been a project that different administrations have contemplated during the last decade, however, no one has managed to install them and put them into operation.

In November 2014, Antonio Gali, then municipal president of Puebla, established a pilot project on Calle 13 Sur and Avenida Juárez. However, this pilot test did not bear fruit.

Later, the municipal government of Luis Banck also analyzed the installation of these parking meters and the project was discarded in 2017.

This project was promoted by Adán Domínguez, who at that time was president of the Urban Mobility Commission and today promotes the project from the Historic Center Management.

Finally, in the government of Claudia Rivera, the Instituto Municipal de Planeación (Implan) planned to conduct a citizen survey to find out if parking meters would be installed in the city. However, the arrival of the pandemic did not allow the consultation to take place.

Translation by: Luba Michelle García Vega