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After a shooting attack by a border patrol agent against a migrant from Puebla, the Migration and International Affairs Commission of the local Congress asked the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE) to intervene to investigate the case.

The legislators considered that the SRE should ask the United States authorities to clarify the death of the migrant from Puebla Carmelo Cruz Marcos.

Last February, Carmelo Cruz Marcos, 32, of Puebla, was shot by a Border Patrol agent in southern Arizona.

According to the Cochise County Police Department’s investigation, on February 19, at approximately 10 p.m., border agents opened fire on a group of migrants who were in a mountainous area northeast of the city of Douglas.

According to reports, the migrants ran away when they were detected by the agents, when the motion sensor was activated.

The final result of the autopsy indicates that the migrant from Puebla received two shots in the cheek, one in the chest and one more in the abdomen.

migrant from Puebla
A group from Frontera de Cristo, the School Sisters of Notre Dame and other religious leaders traveled to the desert to pray for the murder of Pueblan migrant Carmelo Cruz Marcos (Photo: Lucy Nigh/

Declaration on the death of a migrant from Puebla

In a statement, Customs and Border Protection said one of the agents said he chased Carmelo Cruz up a steep hill and during a fight, the migrant elbowed and punched him.

The agent alleges that the migrant ran and grabbed a «big rock» and made the throwing motion. He said he feared for his safety and fired his gun at the migrant repeatedly.

Relatives of Carmelo Cruz Marcos, who are in the United States, told the EFE Agency that his death was a murder by the border patrol and pointed out that the body was not picked up immediately, but until a day later.

According to data issued by the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE), in 2021, 719 Mexicans lost their lives in their attempt to illegally cross the border.

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