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The hot springs of Chignahuapan are more sought during hot season, by people looking to cool off, because it is an ideal place to relax among nature with family or friends.

According to Chignahuapan Hot Springs, they have pools with thermal water, these come from underground layers of earth that are at a higher temperature, also are rich in different minerals and are used therapeutically.

This place has already been investigated by the Geology Institute of the UNAM, since it carried out a chemical study of the thermal water, where it verified that this place in Chignahuapan indeed has mineral elements.

It is as a spa and resort, where there is a possibility of staying and having access to the general pools and other private ones. Although, it isn’t mandatory to pay for hosting to access hot springs, because you can get access for less cost.

Aguas termales de Chignahuapan
(Photo: Es Imagen)

Also, it’s possible to access to the VIP pools, which have a whirlpool tub, a dry and thermal steam room, dressing rooms with showers, and therapeutic massage cabins. Next to it, there is a pool with easy access for elderly and disabled people.

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Every pool has thermal water, is 1.20 meters depth, and in some of them, there is access to wading pools, slides, snack shops and table areas.

In addition, the view is unique, since it’s located in the forest and mountains, in the middle of nature. In fact, here, on weekends they usually go for walks through the forest and make bonfires with coffee and chocolates, so that visitors can enjoy the evening.

Aguas termales de Chignahuapan
(Foto: Es Imagen)

How much do Chignahuapan hot springs cost?

The access schedule are from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. from Monday to Sunday and there are different prices, for example:

  • Private pools

For a maximum of four people: 450 pesos

Extra person: 80 pesos child and person with INAPAM card, 110 pesos adult

  • VIP pool

Children up to 130 cm: 180 pesos

Adults: 240 pesos

With INAPAM card: 210 pesos

  • General pools

Children shorter than 90 cm: free

Children up to 130 cm: 80 pesos

Adults: 110 pesos

With INAPAM card: 180 pesos

Aguas termales de Chignahuapan
(Photo: Es Imagen)
  • Pool with easy access for the disabled and the elderly

Children up to 130 cm: 80 pesos

Adults: 110 pesos

With INAPAM card: 80 pesos

Chignahuapan hot spring hotel has 64 Junior Suite rooms and one Master Suite, from 2,600 pesos per night for two people, each with a hot spring tub inside. Also, guests can access the spa area, massages and temazcal.

Where are Chignahuapan hot springs?

Chignahuapan hot springs are located 25 minutes from the center of a Magical Town, in the Tenextla S/N neighborhood.

To book or request more information, you can call to: 797 971 0313 | 797 971 0792 | 797 971 0976 | 797 971 0982, or send an email to: [email protected]

Translated by: Luba Michelle García Vega